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Product Testing [13 Apr 2011|04:02pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I recently ordered a set of stickers from RedBubble with which to decorate my motorcycle helmet:

Helmet Stickers

Their page said that they are waterproof, so I decided to put them to the test: About four hours ago I submerged a sticker completely in water on a plastic sheet, with another being sprayed with water droplets on the hour and a third left dry as a control.

For anyone who is curious RedBubble stickers are waterproof. No bleeding, no falling off, nothing. Now, I think I read somewhere that their waterproofing declines after a year or so, but I just wanted folks to know in case they were curious.
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I swear, I can't stop watching this (unrelated): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCpdDS3L2xs [21 Mar 2011|01:23am]
[ mood | upset ]

Your day just got about 90% more surreal.

You're welcome.

Also, here's the teaser for the new Conan the Barbarian movie. Looks pretty uninspired in the trailer. I still really liked the original two movies. They were everything that the D&D movie wasn't.
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John Madden! [20 Mar 2011|01:07am]
[ mood | hungry ]

By far one of the most unexpected hilarious things I've seen on Moonbase Alpha: The most realistic simulation of life on a natural satellite

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Hope you like what you see! [16 Mar 2011|08:57pm]
[ mood | evil ]

Am I a horrible monster?

Yes. Yes I am.

Just a reminder that there are good instincts underlying that unfounded terror. Best not to simply throw them away... Also, sometimes, laughter isn't the best medicine, sometimes its RUN THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE SCARY FUCKING CLOWN!!!

(Sorry about the video quality: You work with what you have, and what I have is Windows Movie Maker, the shittiest, most user-friendly video editing software that crashes after three cuts known to man.)
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I just wanna ride my motorcy...cle. [14 Mar 2011|02:25am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, this week (or possibly next week) I'll be getting my motorcycle license permit, followed by a three-day class that will earn me my license proper. As part of the class (and general safety requirements) I needed the proper gear, which is not just a DOT-approved helmet with a face guard. You also need motorcycle gloves, solid pants (denim will have to suffice), and a sturdy (preferably reinforced) motorcycle jacket. When I told my dad, he dug around and pulled out some old supplies from his racing days, including this:

I'm not really sure how old it is, but it must have been from some time ago as my dad used to fit in it and it just barely fits on me currently. (My dad is about a size or two bigger than me, by comparison.) Whenever it was made, it was custom fitted for him by Langlitz Leathers, a company that hand-makes motorcycle jackets and is apparently of some wide renown. I ordered in some leather cleaner and conditioner to try and restore it back to its former condition, though it has a little bit of wear and tear here and there.

It's a bit stiff as well: The time it takes to break in is a trade-off for the sturdiness and subsequent safety of the cowhide. Still, it'll be good enough for my purposes.

Also, here's another new favorite music mini-post! And the best part is, I found the original music videos for all of them! (Except for Devil's Rejects. Zombie hasn't done one for that yet.)

Dropkick Murphys - Walk Away
While most Dropkick Murphys songs tend to address their more serious subjects with a fuck you attitude, this song about a deadbeat dad who abandons his family is actually handled with the same intensity as most Murphy's songs, but with more gravitas.

Rob Zombie - The Devil's Rejects
Shitkicker country (hellbilly) song with a great snarl to it. Also kinda like the slightly more upbeat Texas Chainsaw Massacre family dynamic of the titular characters from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.

Limp Bizkit - Faith
There's something great in its mix of heavy metal, perky pop beats, and 90's era sounds that I can't quite put my finger on. A cover of a song originally written by by George Michael; I gotta say, I like this one a little better.

Queen - Under Pressure
I first heard this one in its entirety in a phenominally unexpected and hilarious musical scene in It's Kind of a Funny Story (highly recommended film). Certainly sold me on the song when I first hear it, and there's a video of a live performance that involves making the audience sing along while messing around on the microphone.

Sid Vicious - My Way
Transitions from a choked-up, groaning faux-operatic voice to Sid's neigh incomprehensible slurring British, I can honestly say that this cover of a Sinatra song is not one that I saw coming, but I'm glad I've got it.
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2011 Home Renovation Master List [04 Mar 2011|03:12pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So, I've just been looking over my list of things I'm going to try and get done on working on the house this Spring and I threw together a list in descending order of priority. Anything indented is a later consideration that will require the preceding item to be completed before it can be done. This list is loosey goosey so if something needs to be bumped up in priority we'll do it as needed, but I'm trying to kind of space out the workload and avoid working in unsafe temperatures as much as possible. Also, if anyone spots anything that's missing from the list let me know and I'll add it.


  • Build fence gate for yard (currently debating which side to build the gate on)
    • Fix/plug gap in neighbor's fence in back right (looks like it's a gap between two fence posts)
    • Get grass growing in backyard bald spots (Will hit this after re-levelling the ground for the fences going in the back)

  • Split log pile and stack (the sooner it's split, the sooner it's seasoning)
  • Re-level & cement fire pit stones
  • Re-cut and solder plumbing in hall bathroom
    • Spring cleaning cleanup
      • Reattach toilet seat lid in hall bathroom (actually just needs tightening down)

  • Clean out parents' basement (looking for books/sellable stuff)
    • Clean out our basement & reorganize
      • Move in filing cabinet downstairs

    • Clean out guest bedroom
      • Attach guest bedroom blinds
      • Organize garage sale

    • (Build basement folding table (if we want one))

  • Build door hold for back door (so it doesn't swing with the wind when open)


  • Fix major erosion in back
    • Replant backyard and front landscaping (esp. in far back where erosion is)

  • Apply texture inserts for kitchen drawers
  • Decide on/attatch cabinetry handles in kitchen
  • Clean out garage
    • Make/paint canvas for my room (wall art)
    • Re-level dad's table saw
      • Finish baseboards

  • Replace basement ceiling tiles
  • Dismantle/relocate outside storage bin
  • Remove/replace shelf wallpaper in hall closet

    FALL 2011

  • Re-attach workbench top
  • Build new basement bookshelf/shelves
  • Replace hallway/bathroom doors
  • Remove bolts and patch hole in hall bathroom ceiling
    • Finish installing attic insulation

  • Make DVD shelf front facing blocks
  • (Build firewood sale stand?)
  • (Descale water heater)
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Don' you go roun an roun to re ro [17 Feb 2011|11:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

A Very British Movie trailer (from SNL)

Also, the new Thor trailer has given me a little more faith in the project.
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Valentines Day: Mr. Bean Style (and he doesn't even need instruments!) [15 Feb 2011|12:00am]
[ mood | amused ]

Here's some pretty damn funny dating episodes of Mr. Bean that I hadn't seen before:

Mr. Bean At the Movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aIfMX7FBbI
Mr. Bean on a Date: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31A5-ThrllI
Mr. Bean's Wedding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW1tjCI4w7E

And the man plays a wicked game of Rock Band too.

On a related note, I think I'll be watching Kurosawa's Throne of Blood tomorrow, which goes a little something like this:

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Happy Valentine's Day! [13 Feb 2011|11:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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[07 Feb 2011|12:58am]
[ mood | shameful ]

I am currently too lazy and too tired to cook an actual meal. Tonights dinner will be a can of pineapple chunks and two granola bars.



Yes, I am a sad man.

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The storm has not devoured me yet. Feeling cooped up, though. [01 Feb 2011|12:50pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Impressive new Pearl Jam music video:

Need to write...
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Rubber! [24 Jan 2011|09:57pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I really, really kinda want to see this movie: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/rubber/trailers/11132453

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[ mood | depressed ]

Aaaaand my PC just crashed again with the same visual error it had the last time before I sent it in. Fuck my life.

Maybe you guys should just run the D&D game without me... At the very least, it would make sense if Gref elected to stay behind when you guys went to go get the star metal back in time...

At least my coughing has stopped for the time being.

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And yes, my Amazon shipment DID arrive, thank you very much. [11 Jan 2011|10:29pm]
[ mood | still sick ]

Feeling a little better now. Have progressed from "am I going to die here, in my freezing cold bed, before my last Amazon shipment ever arrives" to "hacking up bloody mucous, but at least now I can inhale fully". Also, Reasoning With Vampires is now one of my new favorite websites, presenting grammatical and stylistic commentary on the mess of mess that is the Twilight series in infographic-esque image formats (and the tags are like the image mouseover text on XKCD comics in that they add to the hilarity):


EDIT: Here's some more Reasoning With Vampires links that I liked...


...and when I read this one, it makes me wish so hard for someone to make a literal adaptation of this scene like they did with Half Life: Full Life Consequences--He just fucking grabs her face, hoists her up by it like a scene from Hellraiser, rage-kisses her (in what can only be described as the least heartfelt attempt at proving his heterosexuality to his onlooking family) and then puts her back down by her jowls like a prize bass.

Also, Red Letter Media's Plinkett review of Star Wars: Episode III is up and, while I know a lot of people don't like the character Plinkett (or, more often, just don't like the low slur of his voice), I think that Part 3 of the review is worth a look, particularly for the scene comparison/contrast with Citizen Kane and the highlighting of why the prequel trilogy really fell flat on its face compared to the original. (Plus, aside from two brief pig intrusions that harken back to an earlier joke, there aren't any points of character insertion into the review until well after the formal ending.)

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Aaaaaaaaand SICK... [09 Jan 2011|01:05am]
[ mood | sick ]

You know, when December trundled past and I managed to stay in one piece, I was kind of hoping that I might just skirt by this year unmolested. The symptoms really hit me when I got back home--chills, hacking, throat inflammation: The works. Hopefully I'll be able to run Sunday's D&D game okay. If any of the monsters start acting stupid, then they've probably got colds too...


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Balls to Bullocks [30 Dec 2010|01:19am]
[ mood | tired ]

My PC is back in it's cranny at the crook of my feet, and I'm currently typing this post on it--I'm currently running it through the benches, testing some software that had errors before, and looking with increasing paranoia at the lack of a model number on my replacement graphics card, formerly a GeForce 9800 before it was sent away broken... Need to copy files over from my laptop... Need to write.

New Years coming up--no resolutions, per usual. Just a fair bit of time to spend at work, a bunch of sushi to make for a party, a rice steamer to track down, and I'm tired already...

EDIT: Amnesia still doesn't work--at least I get a more interesting error report when it crashes instead of having it just crash Windows... Currently installing Starcraft II to see if that's supported. If I find out that my GeForce 9800 gt was replaced by some dimestore piece of shit just to shuffle it out of the Best Buy repair warehouse, heads are gonna roll...

EDIT 2: Maybe they just didn't bother to install the drivers... Success! And Amnesia now works as well--oh happy day!

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Christmas is a Hell of a Holiday... Ugh... [26 Dec 2010|02:35am]
[ mood | blah ]

Jump to 30:30 for the best game quick look ever: http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-game-room-for-122210/17-3634/

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A Fatal Error Has Occurred... [20 Dec 2010|09:00pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well, I'm currently typing this up on my old laptop that I picked up from my parents' house. My PC suffered a major crash of the graphics card after the reformat--it might have been failing for months, but I can't be sure. Either way, I'm using this as a temporary solution until I can get my computer back from Best Buy: Probably around two weeks from now.

I'm also thinking of picking up a netbook--something light that I can carry on my person for writing work without the distractions that my PC usually has with me.

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The Dark Knight Rises [13 Dec 2010|04:42am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Matt and I were discussing possible previously-unused, non-supernatural Batman villains that might fill the role in The Dark Knight Rises. I didn't have a list off the top of my head at the time, but here are a few more that might fit the bill:

Hugo Strange - This was one that Matt and I were talking about originally--he brought him up. Strange was one of Batman's original villains, the caretaker of Arkham Asylum and, eventually, a wackjob himself. Strange might be an interesting choice, though there's some degree of overlap into Scarecrow territory, but being one of only a handful of villains to learn Batman's secret identity, Strange is a wary foe plot-wise. Still, he was the (semi) main villain for two of my favorite episodes of The Batman cartoon reboot: Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind and Strange New World (the latter of the two I cannot recommend enough). Strange is apparently the current, rumored top contender (partially due to the Batman: Arkham City reveal trailer, but lets not let IMDb scuttlebutt damper our investigative curiosity, shall we?

Victor Zsasz - This guy had a cameo at the very beginning of Arkham Asylum. He's a serial killer in the DC canon, cutting scars into his body with every kill. He's certainly dark enough to fit the bill for Nolan's Batman saga, but his body count doesn't really match what previous villains have been capable of, and after offing most of Batman/Wayne's friends in The Dark Knight, taking a single damsel in distress hostage just doesn't seem viable.

Killer Croc - Again, a solo killer, but with the muscle to take out the trash. Crock is technically already part of Nolan's series--he appeared as a villain in the animated direct-to-DVD animation compilation (which was actually quite good) that was released to promote The Dark Knight. This guy's issue, though, is not so much about quantity of threat as intelligence. He's dumb. Like, real dumb. Hardly the sort of thing that Nolan's detective would waste his time on, and not really the kind of fodder for big explosions either--he's more of a water kind of guy.

Toyman - Again, the serial killer type, though this guy has the chops to take out swaths with his antics. As the Batman series has progressed, Toyman has drifted from humanity and, in several adaptations, it has been hypothesized that he isn't even human at all, which might put a damper on his being interpreted for Nolan's Gotham City. Then again, Rash Al Ghul was an immortal, so maybe fudging a little here and there isn't that big of an issue.

Ventriloquist - This guy has also been a pretty prominent staple of the Batman franchise--a B-lister in terms of when the cartoon studios usually decide to brush the dust off of his shelf, but nonetheless he has connections to the crime syndicate, and taking liberties with just what his modus operandi is might make for some interesting sleuthing as to tracking down the man behind the crimes.

Black Mask - What? Marvel already HAS a Red Skull? Well, then... uh... Here's... Black Mask! Yeah! Another crime lord type, he was most recently featured in the (also quite good) Behind the Red Hood DVD release. Not as scheming or internally troubled as Ventriloquist, however--he tended to be more of the rough neck and murderous type. Plus, plenty of opportunity for more weird special effects magic.

The Joker - Well, lets face it--Nolan was talking about liking The Joker for the next film originally, and there's been no mention made about nixing that strategy, and who can blame him? Moxy, charisma, murderous intent; The Joker has it all. And, to avoid making a joke about big clown shoes to fill, it's a character actor's dream job: Chew the scenery all you want and cash in on a multi-million dollar franchise. Nolan will have his pick of the litter if he brings back the white, green, and red all over.

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The Exodus (and other matters) [12 Dec 2010|01:19am]
[ mood | tired and hungry ]

Well, I'm almost done archiving all the data off of here. I have to make a few more backups right quick before I can do the full reformat, but I think the reformat will have been for the best anyway--I have a lot of dead files and unused data that might as well get the clean sweep as well.

Currently it is snowing here--nothing comparable to the 18 inches that Neil Gaiman is experiencing--but certainly enough to coat the ground and, presumably, give us a bit of substance before it's all done with; Good weather to stay inside in, archiving data and reading more of The Norse Myths.

Tomorrow, my dad and I are going to install some additional insulation in the attic and, if I have time, I'd like to try and reformat my computer later that day/night so that, ideally, I'll be ready for the D&D game when that comes around. Lindsay, as far as I have been told last, will only be free after 8 P.M.-ish, so I'll have a bit of leeway time to get my computer in order. Moreover, this week has cost me some valuable Christmas shopping time--I may default on a few gifts to less creative endeavors...

EDIT: The cleansing fire has done its work. Now is the time to rebuild from the ashes... So much software to reinstall... :*(

EDIT 2: So, wait. The only way to run Character Builder anymore is from their website? Seriously? Laaaame.

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